Jazz is one of the oldest types of music that used to be even more appreciated in the past than today. Yet, there are many individuals who consider this type of music a true obsession and a lifelong delight. For those people, they need to know that jazz has not lost its impact on the musical preferences of individuals all over the world, and it is for sure that it has not done so in Chicago. Yoko Noge’s Japanesque was one of the Japanese bands that tried to show the world that jazz and folk music are still a great deal in the music industry.

The Japanese folk music and jazz could be listened to in Chicago, more specifically in Katerina’s on 1920 W. Irving Park. The concert was called Japanese folk music, Minyo meets Chicago Blues and it cost only $10, a sum that was definitely worth to pay just to listen to amazing musical instruments and very talented musicians. The participants included names such as Yoko Noge, who played the piano and is also the voice of the band, Tatsu Aoki playing the Shamisen, Hide Yoshihashi and Amy Homma at the Taiko drums. Other Chicago Blues legends were also present at the event and they includde special guests Lurrie Bell and Bob Stroger.

Some may say that Japanese Minyo, a type of Japanese folk music has not much in common with Chicago Blues. Yet, both these musical forms are deeply rooted in the soul of individuals and bring the best feelings out of them. Also, they are grown from the musician’s everyday experience. Therefore, some songs are about hard labor, others are cries for love and others are about paying rent. The aim of the event was to amaze the public with cross-border root music by mixing the Chicago Blues with Japanese folk music.