The band completes the sound

Yoko Noge and the Jazz Me Blues Band have been making music together for the past twenty years. Coming from Osaka, Noge brought traditional Japanese folk music into American jazz and blues, and combining them to create an incredible sound that is now familiar to many.

The Jazz Me Blues have always been on stage with Yoko Noge and skillfully played a wide variety of instruments. Their sound has been continuously melting into every melody, giving them an unparalleled effect.

Members of the band have changed over time, but each one of them has found great joy in joining the team, no matter how long their stay was. The current members of the Jazz Me Blues Band are Clark Dean, Tatsu Aoki and Jimmy Ellis.

Clark Dean is the Soprano Saxophone player in the band and his style is reminiscent of Sidney Bechet and Bunk Johnson. He plays with passion and sets the tone of every evening whenever he grasps his instrument tight and sets it close to his mouth to begin playing. Even though he has the talent and experience, he is always listening and learning from others.

Tatsu Aoki is a very active member of the band and has had numerous solo endeavors that have even led him farther from the sound of music. He is the bassist of the band but is also able to play the Taiko drums. He finds happiness in playing his instrument and always finds a way to creatively expand his sound within a song or a band. When it comes to the Jazz Me Blues, he finds it original and refreshing and manages to listen and follow everything that goes on music-wise.

Jimmy Ellis has studied and played with the greats since he was very young. Nat King Cole was a high school colleague and they both learned from the same professor. Jimmy has been playing the saxophone alongside other talented musicians for decades and there is nothing more important to him than making and teaching music.