Elijah Levi has been a vocalist to the Jazz Me Blues Band singing along with Yoko Noge and the rest of the gang.

With his great voice, Levi has also played with the Ink Spots for more than a decade. The Ink Spots was formed as a band in 1934 by four friends working in New York at the Paramount Theater. They appointed Ivory Watson as the band’s lead singer and held the formula for many years. Half a century later, after band members came and went, Elijah Levi found his way in the Ink Spots that somehow always managed to keep their original sound.

Levi sang along with the Ink Spots in the 1980s and together they recorded a number of albums and toured all over the USA and Canada. But the mid-90s found this singer in the Jazz Me Blues Band. In this formula, they held a tour in Japan in 1997 and released various songs.