Jazz and Its Therapeutic Use

Jazz is considered a music that soothes the soul. It is one of the oldest types of music out there and many people have developed an obsession for it. The 1920’s Chicago hosted the famous jazz scene that made the genre so popular. Jazz and folk were commonly mixed by jazz musicians who had the special talent of singing so profoundly about eternal human dilemmas like love and lost love, while at the same time they composed songs about trivial things like paying rent.

Jazz is a music genre that combines different musical instruments. Some jazz songs are even 20 minutes long and most of them are just instrumental. Today, jazz clubs are very popular in big cities because they offer a romantic atmosphere for couples who want to spend a good night out. Jazz clubs usually offer a dark atmosphere, with small tables just for two persons who sit and watch jazz musicians perform all night. Jazz is music with little words. People come for the beauty of the instruments which, in the hands of skilled musicians, can create an incredible, electrifying atmosphere.

Jazz is also popular online. Many musicians sell their CD’s online and have informative web pages with all the latest news about their performances and musical releases. People who are familiar with the online world would soon discover that jazz is often considered a therapeutic music. Many online specialists recommend jazz listening sessions for people with control problems and for those under an anger management program.