Here are some of our favorite web sites and sites that have linked to us. Check them out!

= Japanese Site We’re In The News! Other sites that have covered us…

New York Stringer Online Magazine feature


With Yoko Album Review on


with Tatsu Aoki on


Tribune review of “Rooted: Origins of Now” by Tatsu

Aoki featuring Yoko Noge – Interview with Yoko!

Music Clubs / Live House / Festivals

BlueSlim – Japanese Blues club and web site with information in both English and Japanese. They even wrote about us!

Casablanca – Great music club in Kyushu, Japan

Hothouse – Famous Chicago club for all sorts of music.

Frankfort Library –

Located in Indiana, they’ve invited us to play in the Japan Festival

on May 4th, 2001 (Fri.)

Sushi Blues – The first restaurant to feature sushi and blues, together in one place! Co-owned by sax player Kenny Millions. If you’re in the

Florida area, a must visit!

Music Labels / Record Stores – Bio and other information about us, and related artists.


Jam – Fantastic record store located in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka – Japan.

Japan Related Web Sites

City of Osaka Chicago Office – find out more about Yoko’s home town of Osaka, Japan! – a neat site for Japanese Information featuring exclusive columns and original features – in English.

Other Sites