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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a nice article Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune recently wrote about me and the band.

Check it out below:

Singer Noge is Always Daring by Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Published May 20, 2005

If some artists fall into predictable routines with the passing years, others revitalize themselves, as is the case of the remarkable Yoko Noge.

Her Monday night gig has long been a staple at HotHouse, but during the past couple of years she has achieved a new intensity as singer, pianist and songwriter. If she once delivered a routine impersonation of Chicago blues, she now offers a fascinating synthesis of cunning jazz improvisation, bona fide blues exhortation and the cultural rituals of her Japanese origins.

Crying out at the highest register of her range or murmuring softly down below, her vocals defy categorization. And her pianism, by turns thunderous and insinuating, jazzy and neo-classical, provides evocative accompaniment. That Noge typically shares the stage with some of Chicago’s best improvising instrumentalists, including bassist Tatsu Aoki and trombonist John Watson, only adds to the allure of this ongoing engagement.

Long may she swing.

8:30 p.m. Mondays at HotHouse,

3 Drive; $7; 7.

Here are also two other recent articles that are online! One from Austin Lindy Hop and one from Windy Hop. Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you everyone for your constant

support and look forward to seeing you soon at the HotHouse, or any of our other shows around Chicago, and around the world!

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