Sexy Jazz for Sexy Nights

Jazz is a music style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in communities of Southern United States by African Americans. The word “Jazz” was first used as slang in the west coast of the U.S as a slang word that referred to music of the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Jazz was born out of a mix of European and African musical traditions. From its development to nowadays, this musical style has incorporated popular American music. Its beginnings in the early 20th century spawned several sub genres such as: New Orleans Dixieland, Bebop, Free Jazz, Latin Jazz, Nu Jazz, Acid Jazz and Big band style swing.

The West African origin of jazz is evident because of the usage of call response, syncopation, swung note, polyrhythms, blue notes and improvisation. Jazz is the best and more enjoyable music style for that special sexy night with your lover. This music style is ideal for all those lovers out there that want to enjoy a nice and sexy night.

A recent audio CD available that has some of the best sexy Jazz songs ever is the compilation album ‘Sexy Jazz for Sexy Nights’ (2011). This compact disc has some of the best artists of this amazing musical style. Listening to this CD in dim lights with a glass of wine and your loved one by your side will make going to the store to buy Cialis a thing of the past, believe me!

Some of the songs and artists that you will find in this audio CD are: 1- Stairway to the stars (Lee Konitz), 2- These foolish things (Junior Mance), 3- I want a little girl (Bill Perkings), 4- All blues (Miles Davis), 5- Carol (Kenny Drew), 6- Again (Randy Wetson), 7- Theme for Ernie (John Coltrane), 8- Elsa (Bill Evans) and many more. Sexy Jazz is the best musical style for lovers who want to have a special, unforgettable night.