How it all started

When you talk about the Jazz Me Blues Band you should know who started it all. And the name that should ring into anybody’s head must always be Yoko Noge.

It was in the mid 1980s when a very young but passionate Yoke came to the United States of America. Her first intention and deepest wish was to hear the melodic sound of blues music, which could only come from the city of Chicago on the North American continent. The harmonious hum of instruments played by jazz and blues artists captured her heart immediately.

Not long passed until Yoko Noge found her place on stage and was then able to make her own music that other passionate listeners could enjoy. With a very suave voice and a born talent for playing the piano, she was soon joined on stage by musicians, who shared her love of music and completed her sound. These magicians of instruments were called the Jazz Me Blues Band.

The band played for years with Noge as she was living the American dream surrounded by talented artists who turned out to be great friends. Yoko Noge and the Jazz Me Blues Band played for many years at the Chicago-based HotHouse, increasing the clientele every Monday night.

Together they played and recorded and found continuous joy in their music, which was as valuable to others as it was to them. Noge created a combination between American jazz music, with African rhythms and traditional Japanes folk into her own genre that captured the hearts of all the regulars of the HotHouse, as well as many others since then.

The Jazz Me Blues Band and Yoko Noge have been making beautiful music for more than twenty years. Members of the Band have come and gone; they were great musicians, big names in the industry, and talented collaborators of other even bigger names. And yet the Jazz Me Blues Band always remained as easy on the ears as always, and the music continues to mesmerize to this very day.