A unique sound

Yoko Noge and the Jazz Me Blues Band have been together for a period of more than two decades. Together they have revolutionized the sound of music by combining very different genres and most unlikely instruments into songs that astound every single time.

Born and raised in Osaka, Noge came from Japan with knowledge and talent for a unique kind of sound to search for something to add and complete it. She came to Chicago to listen to American jazz and blues and ended up combining elements from both east and west into one, creating her own music.

The uniqueness of her sound on stage, playing with the Jazz Me Blues Band was refreshing and many gathered on Monday nights at the Chicago Hot House to hear them play together in a mesmerizing harmony. With Yoko on the piano, singing with her sultry voice, the crowd was powerless to resist listening to the perfect synchronization of sounds coming from her and the instruments skillfully played by the Band’s musicians.

The Jazz Me Blues Band contributed to the Chicago blues scene with their innovative sound that managed to combine elements of traditional Folk music – which Yoko was responsible for – and American jazz, with elements of African rhythm. The atmosphere at the Hot House was created with their music in the background, calling every soul on the dance floor.

Yoko passed her vocals from one part of the world to another in a seamless manner, while the Jazz Me Blues Band followed every note in a perfect synchronization with the bass, the saxophone, the Japanese shamisen and more.

Yoko and the band have kept their style for many years while continually changing the sound and innovating the genre. Their talent. devotion and love of music keep them going and let them create more and more unique and soothing sounds every time.